Vodcake is a family run business offering a novel product for lovers of both cake and vodka: cake flavoured vodka. The Vodcake concept was born from wanting to bring new, exciting and original flavours to the vodka market that consumers would appreciate.


As the flavoured vodka market continues to grow we recognised that the same or similar flavours continued to get duplicated and wanted to allow consumers more choice. Cake is enjoyed by us all, and while there is a myriad of different varieties, we all have a favourite.


Vodka and cake are compatible and are both associated with celebrating life’s special moments and creating memories with friends and loved ones.  Everyone has a unique palate, so we have tried to bear that in mind when launching our three initial flavours:


Black Forest Gateaux

New York Cheesecake


We are constantly working on additional flavours that we feel are missing from, and would enhance, our product range. We are currently finalising development of a further three cake flavours which will be released shortly. We have created a smooth premium vodka, which can be enjoyed neat as a shot to indulge our taste buds, without diluting the pure cake flavour with mixers.


Vodcake is manufactured in the UK using the finest French grains, 40% ABV, and distilled a minimum of 4 times. It is a beautifully manufactured product containing Candurin and will literally sparkle before your eyes. With a French body, a British heart and the passion of a family, Vodcake truly is a premium vodka with a cherry on top.


Vodcake should ideally be served well chilled as an aperitif, digestif, poured over or served with its cake counterpart, as a base for coffees, either hot or cold as frappes or consumed neat. We hope that you love our creations as much as we do, and we would be thrilled to hear back from you and receive your comments. 

It's a piece of cake!